In 2009, Chef Ben Moore was driving home from a long commute from Chicago as an Executive Chef. Half asleep he passed a “For Sale” sign. Dismissed as a dream he continued home and went to sleep.

The next day he passed the same sign and noticed that the sign was hanging in the window of a former restaurant. As he went to work he dreamed of opening his own restaurant. Could it be that now he had finally had the calling to open his own restaurant? Ever since graduating culinary school people had been telling him that he needed to do something on his own. Always quick with an answer that, “ It wasn’t time”, “Hadn’t enough experience”, “Was under capitalized” etc. He now was ready to look into it….

The decision, however, was forced. Now, anticipating the birth of his second child, Chef Ben found himself laid off. The economy had made his decision for him. So he bit the bullet and ventured into opening his own restaurant…The Scrambled Diner.

The Scrambled Diner, at it’s impetus, has focused on delivering breakfast and lunch fare that focusses on being made fresh every day.

Chef Ben has noticed that there has been a movement towards restaurants making everything as easily as possible. “Why make it, when you can buy it?” This has been the philosophy of many in the field that goes against the very reason why Chef Ben had chosen cooking as his career.

The Scrambled Diner is committed to offering food made at the restaurant. We also pride ourselves in offering the freshest of ingredients. Our Corned Beef starts with aged beef brisket that is brined “in house” for two days before it is cooked and turned into our Corned Beef Hash and Reuben sandwich. We offer three Jams made on site, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Apple Butter. Our hash browns start as Idaho potatoes and are gloriously transformed into crispy hash browns and french fries which are hand cut every day. The, soon-to-be famous, Dyer Beef is an interpretation on the classic Philly Cheesesteak, which starts off as thinly shaved Ribeye and topped with a homemade cheese sauce. We make make three different types of sausage daily – Our Breakfast Sausage (which is a Pork Sausage), Turkey Sausage (made from fresh Turkey Breast), and Chorizo (an interpretation of the classic Mexican sausage). Our Turkey Sandwich starts as a turkey breast and is brined for two days and slowly roasted. It goes on to be shaved thinly and served on artisanal Whole Wheat bread with homemade pickled onions and Chipotle Mayonnaise.

Chef Ben started his journey at Kendall College where he received an A.A.S degree in the Culinary Arts. His wife, partner and General Manager, Jennifer earned her Bachelor’s from Purdue University in Hospitality Management. As a team they have worked in everything from Very large grossing restaurants to smaller individual restaurants. Both have worked their way through the ranks achieving an impressive set of credentials.

When the two of them opened the restaurant they wanted to be able to spend more time with their newly formed family so the restaurant went in the direction of Breakfast and Lunch. This has afforded them the time to be able to spend time with their children on a regular basis where previous positions had fallen short.